Rewind to Inspiration. Fast-forward to Innovation.
RVHS Hockey™ captures the nostalgia of 80s and 90s hockey and sporting apparel, bringing those styles forward to a new generation. We are inspired by the brands of yester-year, reimagining them with our iconography. Nostalgia is a powerful phenomenon that isn't always easy to explain with words. Those memories of watching the game on your parent's old tube TV, popping in your favorite hockey VHS, and hanging out in the rink arcade after a big win, are all brought back and captured through RVHS Hockey™. We aim to reach a wide audience of players, fans, and all of those fond of and inspired by the fashion of retro sportswear.
Brett Oviere - Owner, Designer, Goalie, & Fan of All Things Retro
I started RVHS Hockey™ with one simple intention: create a brand that captures everything I love about retro hockey. I spend endless hours scouring the internet and thrift stores looking for my favorite legacy brands. This was the stuff I grew up with, bold colors and striking patterns on shirts, windbreakers, hats, you name it. I was playing around with some concepts for a personal logo one day, and started to create the RVHS™ goalie, combining a VCR "play" icon with a stylized goaltender. When I finished, I didn't want to keep this for myself, I wanted to share it and my visions of new retro style with my friends, family, and everyone who appreciates this movement as much as I do. I see just as many kids as I do peers who are wearing apparel either inspired by or truly from the past, and I cannot wait to see them in RVHS™. Thank you for all the support so far!